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Online Programmes

Own Your Flow

Each week, we will explore through the lens of a different theme:

Week 1 — THE BODY​

  • Connecting to yourself through embodied practice

  • Rediscover what you hold within and your possibilities

  • Gain a deeper sense of connection to yourself, mind and body

Week 2 — THE MIND 

  • Discover our own values, personal qualities, and strengths

  • Bring these values, qualities, and strengths forward into our lives

  • Discover your own freedom of expression to access your creative flow

Week 3 — THE SOUL

  • Deep dive excavation process to reassess where you are at and where you want to grow financially, personally and artistically.

  • Take action in making meaningful change

  • Recalibrate towards the direction that feels right for you

  • Explore the power and possibilities of choice

  • Discover a renewed energy

  • Work towards creating the life you want that is aligned to your authentic self

Week 4 — THE FLOW

  • Activation in all key areas to prime your authentic path to artistic success and financial freedom.

  • Consolidate practices for growth and expansion.

  • Sustain energy and motivation beyond the course



•    You will de-learn habitual behaviour that is rooted in social and cultural conditioning.


•    You will have access to grounding techniques for energetic reconditioning.


•    You will be equipped with the tools where your body, mind, emotion and instinct will work harmoniously.


•     You will unleash your inner confidence.


•    You will understand embodiment and emotion in new ways.


•    You will break your patterns that don’t serve you anymore.


•    You will have hyper-magnetised inner compass ready to guide your authentic artistic path.



It’s now time to rekindle that flame of vision and passion for yourself. 


It’s now time to replenish your creative juices and connect to the potent life-force.


  • Opening ritual - Friday  10th March 2023


  • Closing ritual - Friday 31st March 2023.


Numbers limited.

All times in GMT

  • Goal Setting Lab for optimum creative success & financial freedom


Payment Plans Available Here
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