Own Your Flow Debbie Bandara

Presented by Debbie Bandara,
Founder & CEO at Forest Tribe Theatre

You have been led by external forces that have now left you feeling lost and unsure of your own artistic self.
You have been feeling fatigued, low ebb and working way too much and noticing that nothing is shifting for some time now.
Your momentum has stalled and not finding much joy in the things you love doing.

Over time, you’ve found yourself giving way too much of yourself to others, and this has slowly made you lose your sense of own direction.

You have lost your own artistic path as you have overworked yourself and need time to pause, recalibrate and get inspired.

This is for awakened artist who are teachers or artistic practitioners who know their own artistic power and now ready to reclaim, own it and lead their own path.
This is for the attuned practitioner who is ready to rekindle their artistic passion and receive their gifts and share to the world .

It will allow you to fully stand in your light and unashamedly shine.

You will own your creative power and radiate to others who share your vision and passion.

It will bring clarity and open opportunities aligned to your inner artistic self.


⚡️ The course will reconnect with your own DNA to map your creative authentic self.

⚡️ Through a series of capsule virtual sessions, we will delve into a 4 week deep ritualistic practice that will honour your artistic gifts.

⚡️ It’s now time to truly unlock the key to the abundant life force, offering you clarity and focus you have been waiting for.


💫 Opening ritual - Monday 6th March 2023
💫 Closing ritual - Monday 27th March 2023.
Numbers are limited.


Your investment is £500 
Payment plans are offered.

• 4 weeks

Wk1 : THE BODY: VAGUS NERVE RECALIBRATION (VVR ) through core breath work and meditation based from ancient modalities
Wk2: THE MIND: FREEDOM OF AUTHENTIC EXPRESSION through a liminal movement practice (LMR)
Wk3: THE SOUL: DEEP DIVE CREATOR EXCAVATION (DDCE) through a signature ritualistic and de-layering practice
Wk4: THE FLOW: THE AUTHENTIC CONNECTION (TAC) final activation where the month’s offering will prime your authentic artistic path to freedom, health, money & wellbeing.

These subtle yet seismic shifts will be felt and will lead to your transformation.

• You will have access to grounding techniques for energetic reconditioning.

• You will understand embodiment and emotion in new ways.

• You will break your patterns that don’t serve you anymore.

• You will have hyper-magnetised inner compass ready to guide your authentic artistic path.
💫 It’s now time to rekindle that flame of vision and passion for yourself.
💫 It’s now time to replenish your creative juices and connect to the potent life-force.
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Over the 4 weeks you will ...

What are you waiting for?